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About the Club

We are essentially a veteran's football team that has been set up in Horsham, West Sussex with the full purpose of proving that the beautiful game is one to be enjoyed by all ages.

It is our firm belief that competitive football can still be played at a high standard with plenty of satisfaction but without malice. Results matter to all of us but what is really important here is the sense of fulfilment and team spirit that is generated from a regular game of football, whatever the weather and whatever the season. The old notion of hanging up your boots at the grand old age of 35 is no longer relevant and we see no limits even with aching bones, as long as squad members maintain a reasonable degree of fitness.

Hills Farm Lane FC has its origins in the North West of the Town; hence the name but we have a large squad of around 25 regular players of mixed abilities and ages that come from all over the area. To date our average age is 38! But that masks a very wide range from 18 to 68! We play mainly during the week at Broadbridge Heath, The Needles and in the main Horsham Park. We are very happy to travel.

The team is managed by its founder member and originator, Trevor Evershed, a popular and very enthusiastic local coach of youth players here in the town. His philosophy is very simple, you turn up, try your best, you play it simple and you trust and support your team members. With the added benefit of rotational substitutions the chance is there for everyone to get a good game and still be able to breathe sensibly at the end of it, as we often drag ourselves off arm in arm to the various watering holes.

We are well set up and play in a local circuit of around 10-15 teams. We have a flexible policy in terms of age and with agreement with our opponents we are often allowed to field a couple of younger stars to chase after the long balls and terrorize the opposition. Of course that works both ways which increases the competitive challenge especially for those amongst us that have played at a high standard and still fancy themselves a bit.

We welcome any newcomers and teams to try their luck at challenging us. Please go to the Contacts page for the e-mail addresses and telephone number for further inforamtion.